How does the Evolution® S3 and  Evolution Cool® compact to fit its carrying bag?
Below are two techniques on how to get your Evolution® S3 and Evolution® Cool Pillow into a compact and manageable size.  

“The Stuff & Fold” Packing Technique (for beginners)

  1. Place the pillow into the back with the pocket facing up.
  2. Press the pillow down with your fist and tighten drawstring around your wrist.
  3. Remove your hand from the opening and slide the toggle down to tighten and seal the top.
  4. Starting on the female Velcro side, fold/roll the entire bag in half and seal it firmly with the male Velcro strip.


“The Cinnamon Roll” Packing Technique (for experts)

  1. Simply roll the pillow up from one cord toggle to the other cord toggle while squeezing tightly.
  2. If rolled properly, it should look like a cinnamon roll.
  3. Place the rolled pillow into the travel bag, wrap the bag’s Velcro® strap around it tightly, and fasten the strap to the soft Velcro® patch on the other side.
  4. Tighten the bag’s drawstring to securely close the top opening.
  5. The Velcro® strap can also be used to attach the travel pillow to your bag or luggage, saving you even more space and leaving your hands free!