Bamboo Compression Socks™


Rs. 1,895

Eco-friendly Bamboo Compression Socks™ keep blood flowing in your legs, whether you're sitting all day at work, on a long trip, or playing sports. Compression can eliminate fatigue and energize your legs, fueling a trend of performance athletes using them.

Bamboo Compression Socks are great for everyday use for anyone stuck in a sedentary position, as part of preventative health reducing the risk of blood flow related issues in the legs, and for performance athletes looking for an edge even from their socks.

Compression rating: 8-15 mmHg

Not intended for children under the age of 14.
Do not fold or cuff the top sock band or allow socks to roll as this will increase pressure beyond the stated level.


Cabeau stands behind the quality of its products. We will replace any damaged or defective product due to materials or workmanship for 2 years from date of purchase. Please see the Warranty page for more details.


8-15 mmHg Systemic Pressure
Promotes healthy lower leg circulation and increases blood flow to the heart.

Anti-microbial Bamboo Chenille Fabric
Wicks moisture to keep feet dry and naturally reduces odour.

Massaging Support
Decreases or prevents edema (swelling) and offers therapeutic relief from varicose and spider veins.

Engineered Pressure Zones
Reduce fatigue and boost energy by revitalizing your legs and feet.

Unisex Design
Provides both men & women comforting support when standing, sitting or moving.


USA Men = 5-9, Women = 5-10
UK Men = 4-9, Women = 3-8
JAPAN Men = 220-270, Women = 210-250
EUROPE Unisex = 35-43

Size: LARGE 

USA Men = 9-15, Women = 10-16
UK Men = 9-14, Women = 8-15
JAPAN Men = 270-320, Women = 250-300
EUROPE Unisex = 43-50

Graduated Pressure:
8-15 mmHg

71% Rayon from bamboo, 23% Nylon, 5% Lyra, 1% Spandex

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